Sharon Bands Update – September 13, 2021

Hi Everyone!

We just finished up our board meeting where everything was discussed thoroughly and as promised, here is an update.

NO rehearsal this week, 09/16.

We are going to try to have a rehearsal on 09/23 from 7:30 – 9:00 in Walpole at the K of C hall. Concert band only. We are finalizing things with the venue and I will send out an update with more details when that’s settled.

We understand that some people are uncomfortable playing indoors right now and that is okay. Please feel free to sit out rehearsals until you feel comfortable. Based on the survey, there are many of you who would like to rehearse, though.

The space in Walpole will be smaller than Quincy or the middle school band room, but based on the number of people we are expecting, we should hopefully be able to spread out a bit. Please be aware that there aren’t any windows in this venue. There is a back door that can be opened if needed, but we want to be respectful of our noise level in a residential neighborhood. There is plenty of parking and they have chairs at the venue.

If you attended rehearsals in Quincy, but can’t make this rehearsal, it is okay to play in the concert.

If you weren’t at the Quincy rehearsals and can’t come to the Walpole rehearsal, but want to play the concert, please email

Everyone must provide proof of vaccination prior to participating in the rehearsal and the concert. If you are comfortable, please email a picture or a scan of your vaccination card to If you are not comfortable emailing your card info, please be sure to bring it with you to the rehearsal to present it in person.

Masks and bell covers are encouraged for the rehearsal, but not required.

We are going to see how this venue works out for a rehearsal and then look into scheduling more rehearsals if things go well.

The concert is outdoors at the Ames Free Library in Easton on 09/26. Call time is 2:30. The concert starts at 3:00. I will send a reminder email with details as we get closer to the concert.

Set List:

Set 1

The Footlifter

Secret Agent Man

D’eir In De,

On The Mall


Theme from Peter Gunn

Hogan’s Heroes March

Set 2


Shipping Up To Boston

Theme From Rudy

James Bond Theme


Themes Like Old Times

Liberty Bell March

America The Beautiful may be passed out to play as well.



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