Sharon Bands Updates – August 2022

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to start off by thanking you all for a very successful summer season. A lot of concerts were played between SCB and RSBB. We entertained many people, had a lot of fun and generated some nice revenue for our organization.

  • We will kick off our 2022-2023 season on September 1st at 7:15 at the Sharon Middle School with rehearsal for both bands. If you can’t make it to that rehearsal, please do not reply here. Please email We have a tight rehearsal schedule with a concert planned for October 15th, so we wanted to start rehearsing as soon as possible.
  • Steve passed out music for our Oktoberfest concert during the summer or mailed it to you. Please take some time to look over this music prior to our first rehearsal. Steve also put together the following list for everyone to review:

Alpine Legion – David Lovrien

The Woodwind Polka – arr A. Clark

Pennsylvania Polka – Osterling

Kaiser Parade March – Buon/ Wiley

Emperor Waltz – John Cacavas

Big Band Polka – arr Lowden or Nowak

Karusellebrise – D. Lovrien

Alpine Memories – Michael J. Miller

Tritsch Tratsch Polka – arr Alfred Reed – NOT YET IN YOUR FOLDER

Biergarten Mazurka – D. Lovrien\

Pie In The Face Polka – Mancini, arr. Vinson

The Radetsky March – arr Alfred Reed – NOT YET IN YOUR FOLDER

Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel) – arr. Broeniman

  • We currently have openings in most sections. If you have friends in your section that you still keep in touch with who haven’t been with us recently, we encourage you to reach out and invite them back. We don’t always have success with personnel reaching out, but hearing directly from friends/section members may generate more success.
  • A Facebook post will also be made soon advertising that we have openings. Please share this post when you see it so it reaches as many people as possible.
  • On October 15th, we are planning to play at Break Rock Brewing in Marina Bay in Quincy. The times are still being worked out, but as Steve noted in the letter he included with the Oktoberfest music, SCB will likely play two half hour concerts in addition to some smaller ensembles he is putting together. The festival will go on through most of the afternoon.
  • In addition to the October 15th concert, we are looking into possibly also putting on a concert at the middle school during one of the last two weekends of October with the same music. Details are still being worked out.
  • If you know you can not play October 15th or one of the last two weekends in October, please email
  • We have a recent vacancy on the board. Please, please, please consider joining. All board meetings are via Zoom every second Monday of the month. You can reply to this email if you are interested. Just a warning that I will be asking at every rehearsal until the seat is filled. 🙂


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