Sharon Bands Updates – October 15

Hi Everyone,

Here are some updates on what we have coming up.

Oktoberfest Concert

  • Thursday, October 27th @7:30PM
  • Call Time: 7:00PM
  • Address: Eastern Nazarne College, Cove Fine Arts Center, 62 Wendell Street Quincy
  • Parking: We know many of you will be coming from work, but please try to give yourself as much time as possible beforehand so you can have enough time to find parking and walk to the venue. I’ll get more details on exactly where to park.
  • Stands: Flute and Clarinet players should bring stands. If you are new and do not yet have a Sharon Bands issued stand, you can use one at the venue.
  • Dress: Oktoberfest outfits are welcome. If you aren’t wearing one, then black on bottom, white on top.
  • If you weren’t at rehearsal on Thursday and did not sign the program sheet and would like to be included in the program, please respond back with your name and instrument asap.
  • We’ll need help after the concert to clean up the stage and put things away. This shouldn’t be a problem since we’ll all be there.
  • We’ll need someone to help clean up the refreshments.
  • We have one spouse volunteer to help setup the refreshments, but another family member or two would be helpful if they are going to the concert.

Upcoming Rehearsals and Middle School Concert/Social

  • Please email asap if you can’t attend any of the following.
  • This week will be our dress rehearsal for the Oktoberfest concert.
  • October 27th: Concert at ENC
  • November 3rd: Rehearsal for both bands at Sharon Middle School. This rehearsal will be prep for the SCB concert the following week.
  • November 10th: SCB will be performing at Sharon Middle School for students and families in place of rehearsal. The principal is excited about this event. We’ll play a short, free concert with some Oktoberfest stuff and some things we’ve already played that should be easy to pull together. After the concert, we will have a social for the band. Pizza will be delivered. No RSBB rehearsal that night.
  • November 17th: RSBB only in Walpole. No SCB rehearsal.
  • November 24th: Thanksgiving. No rehearsal


  • Thank you to those who have already paid dues for the year.
  • If you haven’t done so already, please give a check to Tom Lucci at rehearsal or you can pay online on using the paypal link on our donations page.
  • Dues are $75.

RSBB Holiday Concert

  • We are looking for a producer for the RSBB holiday concert on December 4th. Please let me know if you can help out.
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