Sharon Bands Newsletter – January 2022

Hi Everyone,

  • This Week: There will be NO rehearsal again this week (January 13) for either band. We will evaluate each rehearsal on a week by week basis. On Monday, the board will discuss whether or not to have rehearsal on the 20th and I’ll update you all on a decision. We hope to be back to rehearsing soon.
  • Finances: Charlie Piper, George Mellman and Tom Lucci will be meeting via Zoom in the near future to discuss where to invest our money. They’ve done some initial evaluations and will meet to hash out the final details. If anyone has any input to offer, you are welcome to join the discussion.
  • Library: We are still in the process of finding a new place to relocate our music library to. If anyone has any leads at all in the Sharon area for free or very cheap storage, please let us know.
  • Spring/Summer: We are hopeful that we will be able to do some type of performance later in the spring. We also have a good summer season lining up, so we will have something to work towards soon. We’ll put out a list of dates once everything is confirmed.
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