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The Sharon Concert Band Performs “Shine” by Julie Giroux at Faneuil Hall, June 8, 2019 as part of the Festival of Bands. Be sure to scroll around to see all 360 degrees!

Chart Donation Program

If you would like to donate to the band during this challenging time, a perfect way is though the chart donation program. You so you can make your donation via Paypal or credit card by clicking on the donate button on our Contribute page. 

**Please let Laura Haiduck know which chart you would like to donate to before you check out on the website.


The Sharon Bands’ operations depend on the work of volunteers within the bands for such jobs as Concert Producer. More information can be found on the Member Handbook page.

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Please notify the appropriate personnel manager if you are unable to participate in a weekly rehearsal or concert performance as soon as possible.

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